To a number of friends and associates, I wrote …

A favour please?

“When you have a moment, can you list your “favourite seven special songs” of all time for me? I know that such a list will change from day to day, so what ever seven special songs come to you on posing the question to yourself today will do. I’m asking numerous interesting folk the same question – just for a bit of seventological fun!!”

The responses produced such a wonderfully diverse and surprising array of songs, I feel compelled to share the results.

My goal is to feature 77 playlists, accumulated across the seven month lead-up to the launch date of the “ podcast” on the 7.7.2023 (2+0+2+3=7)

There are some pure gems in these playlists – check them out.

Clicking on the playlist image or word link (“your spotify link to playlist”) will enable you to listen to the music on Spotify (free).

If you’re not a Spotify subscriber then you can simply join for free to access the music. 


Greg (Winga's) Cousins

The Widow’s Lunch

Four Thursday night pensioners meet each week at the Grace Emily Hotel for a few beers and the odd glass of wine. We’ve been doing this for about 20 years. The publican Symon, holds a regular table for us.

A while ago, in an effort to lift the quality of the conversation, we decided to have a lunch with our partners.

The ‘Widows Lunch’ quickly became a seasonal event and has been going for several years now. We take it in turns to host and each couple are responsible for a course. It’s quite common for some of the children to join us or turn up at some point in the afternoon or evening (they’re not short lunches). 

On this particular Widow’s Luich, we decided to share our Seven Special Songs playlists. There were 70 songs played on the day. No repeats! Not one.