“Q” ~ The Man from the Land of Fandango and Agent 7

Tinseltown in LA on the Planet Fangando was sometimes known as the dream factory.

Amongst the blazing array of creators living in Tinseltown there were a finite few who have the sort of explosive vision and insight that set them apart. They are the “chosen ones”  that seem beyond human who have the capacity to break-through into the “beyond” of what we thought was humanly possible. 

These astounding intellects are sometimes know to us.  Alberto Einsein of course stands out with his mind shattering theory on “quantum induced universe bifurcation”. However, little is know about the young student of Einsein’s who has taken “theory of bifurcated universes” to the frontiers of interstellar communication. 

He is known simply as Q.  So spectacular is Q’s brainpower that the US Government on Planet Fandango set up a special secret service bureau to allow him to undertake his investigations free of scrutiny and restriction. Known and accountable only to the highest levels of government, Q is a lone researcher probing the very membrane of human consciousness on Planet Fandango.

Q is supported by a lone investigator known simply as Agent 7 who acts as his “man on the ground”.  Q has intentionally left Agent 7 in the dark. He has charged him with the challenge of finding out as much as he can – without knowing anything from the inside – so that Q and the government can assess what information can be gleaned on the ground – as it were. 

There are only 5 people who know anything about Q’s work. The US president and his secretary of state, Agent 7, Professor Sevenwell and Steven Sebastian Sevenwell, the writer of this story.  

Q has been in communication with Professor Sevenwell since 2014, when Sevenwell’s ultraviolet essence crossed into Fandango from Earth during an experiment where Q was attempting a dream-transfer to Earth. The connection Q opened between Fandango and Earth allowed Professor Sevenwell’s entry. Sevenwell exists on Fandango only in the form of invisible UV light.  Q knew this to be the realm of the muse, otherwise know as the creative unconscious. 
Q’s research had revealed to him the stupidity of dividing knowledge into science and art.  Q was a creator and it was the act of creation and his acceptance of the unknowable that provided the release he needed to transcend the physical limitations of existence and make the breakthroughs he had achieved.

The discoveries he made were surprisingly simple. Music, colour,  light and dance were the essences of all possibility. By dance, he meant all transactions. Transactions between all things living and non living.  Professor Sevenwell fell into the vortex of Q’s dream-transfer due to the synergy of their understandings. Flipped from one universe to another in an instant by synchronicity of thought. 

The professor’s disappearance from Planet Earth was not treated as suspicious. The professor was quite eccentric and quite reclusive and there was no suggestion of foul play. Q’s dream scenario had tidied the professor’s affairs such that it looked as though he had decided to go on a private ad personal journey of self discovery. (not far from the truth) The fact that new content continued to appear on his website suggested that he was ok.

And “okay” he was, albeit existing in a different form on different planet in a different universe.  Such is life.