7 balls through 7 holes in 7 orbits

7 Lesson Plans

7 Song for an EP

7 Characters – Pierre Depardeau, Antonio Goldini, Gordain Olivier, Sir Paul McCarthy, Neville Herbert, Karlos Rodrigoz, Special Agent 7, Steven Sevenwell Jn., Professor Stephen Sebastian Sevenwell

7 Tee Shirt Designs

SEVENTOLOGICAL WONDERMENT – by Stephen Sevenwell Junior.

Pierre Depardeiu wonders why wrapping things in tin foil is so satisfying

(his lucky number is 7)

Antonio Goldini wonders how singing with his eyes shut makes the song sound better

(his lucky number is 7)

Gordain Olivier wonders why creating stupid recipes for idiots has made him an international cooking celebrity

(his lucky number is seven)

Sir Paul McCarthy wonders how cuddling musical instruments helps him sleep at night.

(his lucky number is 7)

Neville Herbert wonders where his thoughts come from.

(his lucky number is 7)

Special Agent 7 wonders if he will ever understand what’s going on.

(his lucky number is 7)

Karlos wonders how anyone could ever be happy about anything!

(his lucky number is 7)

Stephen Sevenwell Junior wonders why all the characters in this book look like …


Er …


Things can get complicated when you’re in your own story.