~ is a cluster of projects by The PaperBoats all exploring the wonders of light, colour, music and the number 7.

The cluster includes:

  • The Chrysalis Box (community project for 3-8 yr olds)
  • Seven Little Wonders (in-theatre production for 3-8 yr olds)
  • Wonder (with Sally Chance Dance for 0-3 yr olds)
  • Sevenwell (a flexible, immersive performance and learning package for 3-8 yr olds) 

Animating Framework

The animating framework for these projects has been inspired by Sir Issac Newton’s discovery in the 17th Century that white light could be split into the colours of the rainbow using a prism. 

Because seven was a magical and mystical number in those times, Newton imagined that he saw seven colours in the rainbow (ROY G BIV ~ red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) which beautifully coincided with his observation that there are seven notes in the diatonic musical scale. 

Newton conjectured that light, colour, music and sound are intrinsically entwined – and this has become the basis for our collective exploration.

The cluster of projects all feed each other through an exchange of ideas and technologies, whilst remaining independent and completely different in outcome. 


There are lots of ways of making theatre, the most familiar being that a playwright will define a template for a show through a script.

At The PaperBoats, we go through two slow-brewing and collaborative theatre-making processes before we end up with “a treatment” for a show.

These are processes of embodied theatre-making that generate lots of content from an animating idea across 2 phases of development which we call the “discover” and “define” phases. 

This is followed by the creation of “a treatment” which we call the “design” phase, which goes hand in hand with the fourth and final  “delivery” phase, where the “treatment” gets realised as a performance outcome and associated activity.

First Diamond

Discover – research, training, responding to provocations, playing, making, accumulating content, naming it and listing it (18-24 months)
Define – searching for patterns, joining the dots, finding what sings, narrowing the palette, continuing to accumulate, finding a form within which to play further and deepen, working toward a “soft” treatment (6-8 months)

Second Diamond 

Develop – develop and play inside the “soft” treatment, jiggle, juggle, make, trial, arrive at a “hard” treatment (6-8 months)
Deliver – simplify, clarify, refine, rehearse and package the show in a way that generates interest and creates prospects for presentation of the work (6-12 months)

The atoms we are made of — seven thousand trillion trillion atoms in each of us, on average — were forged in the furnace of faraway stars.

Seven7well – The Show 

Conceived and Directed by Dave Brown
Conceived and Performed by Jon Bode

Content creation acknowledgement as specifically attributed > db = dave brown; jb = jon bode, jb+db = both

Background: Performer/Theatre-maker/educator Jon Bode working with Artistic Director/Theatre-maker, Dave Brown have completed the “discover” and “define” stages of a theatre-making process for the project entitled Sevenwell. 

The “discovery” phase took place across an 18-month period and involved a deep dive into the animating idea resulting in the creation of lots of unbridled, whimsical content through play, tasks, improvisation, experimentation, investigation, making and research.

The content features a wide range of expression including stories, videos, graphics, art, songs, music, essays, design ideas, expressions of theatrical form and various combinations and permeations of these.  

Slowly, this whimsically generated content along with ideas shared from the other projects in the Seventological.Wonderment cluster, fed the conceptual shape for Seven7well as we moved from the “discovery” phase into the “define” stage.  

This involved imagining Jon as the solo performer in an immersive and participatory, mixed-media, music-theatre show for 3-8 year olds that uses live green screen video, prepared footage and video graphics to allow one iteration of Jon as performer on screen, whilst other iterations appear live on-stage.

Being onscreen allows the “story-maker”character, Sam, to present his seven characters live on stage in conversation with the audience and Sam, their “story-maker”, as they search for their purpose in the overarching narrative.

As we prepare the live-theatre version of the work, we will also envision and frame a package of associated experiences for both online and live engagement that support learning, exploration and self expression.

Setting up “The Conceit”

(On Screen)

Hello … my name is Sam and I’m a story-maker and this is my story and because it is happening right here and right now, I begin it with the words …


(Refering to his surrounds)

So … this …. is …..the night sky and it’s a special corner of the night sky, that is just for me.

Song Snippet - NIGHT SKY#1  

I have a special place in the night sky
It is an imagining place
Where all ideas come from
I call it the place of all music and colour

And in the night sky, I have a special friend.

Song Snippet - NIGHT SKY#2  

Her name is Ultra Violet. 
She's the Star Queen 
Of the Night Sky.  
She can be 
At the same time 
Because she can 
Travel faster than the speed of light. 
Her Name is Ultra Violet (this is a sketch of a tricky melody to sing based on a melodic sequence – C>E>G>B>A>F>E … that features all the notes in the diatonic scale )

She can be your friend too … you may already know her. She feeds your dreams both day and night – and seeds all sorts of curiosity and wonder and creates all sorts of fantabulousness … and incredibility!!!”

She’s looking for 7 children here on earth to be her star sprites…. her Sevenloogical Wonderment “Twinklers” – her little stars – spreading music, colour, light, dance and dazzle to all who are open to it….

Song Snippet - Little Star

Little Star, Little Star
How I wonder what you are
Little Star, Little Star
How I wonder what you are

Somewhere over the rainbow
There's a StarMan
Waiting in the sky

Little Star, Little Star
How I wonder what you are

So to summarise – there is a story-maker – that’s me – who has his own special place the night-sky with his friend and the friend of all dreamers – Ultra Violet, the Star Queen of the Night Sky and together we forge in the furnace of a faraway star, the atoms of the characters who will appear in our story.

And so …


… Star Man Sam and his six Doppelganger Doubles from the Land of Fandango were sent on a mission to earth by Ultra-Violet, the Star Queen of the Night Sky, to share the mysteries and powers of seventological wonderment with earthling children.

Song Snippet - Rainbow StarMan

Somewhere over the rainbow
There's a StarMan Sam
Somewhere over the rainbow
StarMan Sam's 
Doppelganger Double
Gordon Oliver

added on ... eg
add on idea
(and later ..

StarMan Sam's
Doppelganger Double
Special Agent Seven

and ...

StarMan Sam's
Doppelganger Double
Pierre Depardieu


Antonio Goldini, Neville Herbert, Paul McCarthy and magician  yet to be named!!

Gordan Oliver bursts onto the stage in staggering 3 dimensional reality.

Song Snippet - Overnight Sensation

 C                G         A—
When I became an overnight sensation
I converted a nation
To an appreciation of cooking with sevens
  C            G             A—
And anyone who ever comes to dinner
Will be a winner
Cos cooking with seven results in delectable food,

 C   E—   F      G
Woh oh ho ho ho ho
 F             G
Don’t think of tomorrow
Cos I’ve got a recipe or every day of the week
 C              E—                   G                  A—
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday, Sunday
I’ve got a recipe or every day of the week

 F         E—
Every day, come what may,
G      F          C
I cook delectable food

Audio Podcast

It’s not rocket science! It’s really quite simple. If you will just be open to it. It’s a little bit funny and a little bit crazy … but you can sum it all up neatly with seven simple facts … that’s it!

So here it is in langauge as simple and as clear as I can make it.

The realm of Sevenwell is made up of a cluster of 7 parallel universes

Each Universe has their own Earth World just like ours.

For convenience, we number these Earth Worlds one to seven.

We live in the Universe of Earth World number 7.

In each Earth World at any particular time, there is a person who is physically identical to you, living a somewhat similiar but not identical life to the one you’re living.

We call these people our Doppelganger Doubles… DD’s for short.

And the last fact is … This knowledge is rarely shared.

AND That’s it. I mean really. It’s not that hard is it?

And just to prove my point; let’s do a little test.

Seven quick questions:

We belong to a cluster of 7 parallel universes.

What do we call this cluster?

Each universe has its own Earth World just like ours numbered one to seven.

What number are we?

At any particular time, in each world, there is a person who looks just like you ..