agent 7

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Sean O’Connery was a British undercover agent, otherwise known as Agent 7.

He was on retreat at his holiday hideaway when the Tinsel Man arrived.

O’Connery had scampered for his revolver when the ball of light appeared and when the

Tinsel Man moved toward him, he immobilised. 

This was a blocking technique he’d been trained to use when dealing with paranormal events such as this one. 

As a result the Tinsel Man was unable to enter him.  

He bounced off of the impenetrable body and fell to the ground with a thump.  

Tinsel Man

Agent 7 held his position. 

The Tinsel Man got up and ran away.  

Minutes later, sensing that the crisis had been averted, Agent 7 re-mobilised.

The first thing he saw on regaining consciousness was a sparkling number 7 written in glitter on the ground in the spot where he had last seen the Tinsel Man. 

Agent 7 grabbed his phone and hit the letter Q three times.

This was his direct line to headquarters. 

“Q?” he said. “Agent 7! We’ve had a paranormal event. A Tinsel Man has appeared and is on the loose.”

Q’s message to Agent 7 was short and sharp.

“Find him! Let him in!”

Agent 7 normally knew better than to question Q’s commands but on this occasion, the request seemed absurd.

“What if it’s the Pixies?” he said

There was silence on the other end of the line.

“Q?” queried Agent 7.
Q’s response was cold, hard, direct.

“Find him! Let him in!”

Followed by a click.

End of conversation.

O’Connery bashed his fist onto the table.

Letting the pixies in, he thought, was not a wise move for an investigator who wants to unravel the facts.

He cleared his head.

It’s very likely the tinsel man is a pixie sprite, somehow crossed over from the dream realm of an alternate world.

He knew this from his investigation of a certain “Professor Sevenwell”. 

The professor’s videos had provided many insights. 

Agent 7 had been on his trail for months now but he could not track him down. 

The professor seemed to have vanished.

Unlike the high profile celebrities that had popularised the seventology movement across the last 10 years on planet Ostros, the professor was known only to a few. 

His videos were popular with children and that’s about it.

The other Agents on the investigating team considered him to be inconsequential. 

But Agent 7 thought differently.  

He’d studied the videos closely and was convinced that the Professor may well be the brains behind it all. Finding the Professor was his plan.